Instructor is anyone that you learn from, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

Kang Rhee - PaSaRyu Founder

A Black Belt is for Life

Kang Rhee - PaSaRyu Founder

Chase One Rabbit

Kang Rhee - PaSaRyu Founder

Our Program

What we teach

  • Katas

    Katas are predetermined forms or patterns and are required to promote to the next level.

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  • Knife Attacks

    Seven techniques to survive and overcome an attacker with a knife.  Simple, fast, effective.

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  • Promised Sparring

    Promised Sparring, or Yak Soak Deta, are techniques that teach block/attack combinations.

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  • Self Defense

    Self Defense techniques that are easy to learn and quick to execute, designed to help protect you.

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Photo Gallery

Students, Instructors and other images from PaSaRyu schools

  • Scorpion Students 2

    Scorpion Students 2

  • Scorpion Students

    Scorpion Students

  • Black Belt List

    Black Belt List

  • Master Scorpion

    Master Scorpion

Pahl Ki Kwon - 3rd Degree Requirement

Master Kang Rhee and Master Yong Rhee performing Pahl Ki Kwon

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